Today World Health day on 7April

Every WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) celebrate world Health Day on 7 April for the promotion of health in all over the world .

Every year WHO gave a new theme for the promotion of health , and achievement of a energetic health in all over the world . As per norm’s this year WHO gave a theme for World Health day is –


By that thought he wanted to be put attention towards Nursing and Midwives that also there enormous efforts put on patient health. They also do very much Hard work for patient well-being .

They Care patient and also follow doctor instructions for patient well-being and never want to forgive . They always ready with doctor for cared of patient in any Disaster.

As today in that Pandemic drastic situation we see that how medical staff are work in that condition ,when they also have a chance to capture by that disease and they face lots of problem. But they don’t take their step on back side they only move on front side with one step again and again for fight with that disease .

By that disease they show their enormous efforts towards all , towards health . It’s our duty that we support him and motivate him not loose their confidence through bad things .

Today we all are decided to always support the medical staff and always we stand with him .

As we know that Medical staff are the backbone of the hospital .

Automobile smoke harm bodies

Today in our modern society we have to face lots of problem due to only our comfortable life factors . We need so much comfort and also need a high standard life . For show our status we need a lots of precious things in our home like – Jewellery , Home , furniture and vehicles .

Most common and important thing for showing is Vehicle . For one person one vehicle is needed according to their status . But for in all that process we forget that we maintain our economically status but our medical status is going to be very worst .

Due to that automobile there is loss of smoke present in our world . That inhales by different person of different age . That cause severe breathing Problem like – Asthama , Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease , Bronchitis , Emphysema etc .

For all that we need to be use minimum automobile service , as possible for small distance we need to be covered through walk , neither for all short distance we need to be use automobiles service .

We need to cover our mouth during travelling for prevention of inhales of smoke , that prevents us from several types of Respiratory infection .

We need to also be yoga like Kapal bhati that also maintain hygiene condition of our Respiratory system due to deep inhales and exhale process . And prevents us from several Respiratory infection .

Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke is a condition that occur due to prolonged exposure to heat more than 40℃ or higher .

Etiology (causes ) –

Prolonged exposure to heat .

Drinking alcohol

Previous heat Stroke

Older age

Sign and Symptoms

Flushed skin

Altered Mental status

High body temperatures


Increased pulse rate

Altered sweating


1 – Provide High flow oxygen through non – breather mask .

2- Establish Intra venous therapy.

3- Cool sheet and towels or continuous sponging with cool water .

4- Apply ice on the neck , groin , chest , and axillae .

5 – Immersion of the patient in a cold water bath .

Protect Ear from Digital injury

We all are know that today we live in digital word in which all things is going to be beneficial for us . But in all that thing we forget that all coin have two phases as like a good and bad .

Digital life gave us so much benefits as they gave us so much injury to us which either we ignore or we don’t aware about it . It is a injury from Headphone or Earphone . At that time you thought that both are for enjoyment so why any person got harmed by that . As because we all are using it for several hour but without aware of It’s side effect . It’s side effects is that we got several thousand bacteria from that even using 1 hour . That cause so much effect and able to cause disease . So we don’t use it for several hours .

Sound pollution

As we know that today all person for self enjoyment high volume sound are listen but they forget that due to that sound ear are so much disturb for their functions . By that many ear related problem are arise . For that we have to do so many precautions for our safety – we have to listen sounds in low volume .

High volume sound also affects heart . Heart disease patient have so much problem for that they hardly face to that sound pollution . So it’s our duty that we have to do some changes in our daily life we have to be reduced to listen high volume sound of our television , mobile phone , Radio , Buffer etc

It’s mean it not we have to use lots of time Ear phone, Head phone etc ,we have to be reduced it also in our daily life .

Protect eyes from digital injury

At present person got relief from any physical injury. Today we all live a well mannered manner due to science . Today we all have a different technology which make so easy for us to do anything .

By all technology when our life standard is make high then as our life is in so dangers. All things is make to be digital by digital our legs got relief but our Eye don’t got relief they are face so much problem .

Harmful rays are emitted from digital substance that effect our Eye and cause injury that called Digital injury to our Eye .And also from environment physical agent harmed. That cause several types of injury are-

Irritation in eye


Watery eye

Feel something pinch in eye

Loss clearance of visualization

For all that we have to be take a precautions for all that we have to be do –

Wash face with open eye 2 to 3 times in a day for a purpose also that is to remove dust parties from our Eye that we got during pollution from environment .

Maintain a particular distance from laptop , mobile , television .

Always take a spectacle during working hour for protecting eye .

Do not use digital media services for prolonged times . Take a break after sometime.

Do not use digital media services during lying position .

Today we all are got relief then on bed lying position and take mobile doing our work and otherwise enjoy through it.


Poisoning is defined as a chemical substance which is harmed the person body organ temporary or permanent .

Route of Poisoning

1 – Ingestion – in that person take harmful agent through mouth .

2 – Injection – A person take harmful substance from injection to the body .

3 – Inhalation – in that person inhales chemical substance from nose . –

Etiology (causes ) are –

1 – Accidental – in that person take poison unintentionally without knowing the effect like – sleeping pills , painkillers etc .

2- Suicidal – in that person take harmful substance intentionally by their own way to cause harm .

3 – Homicidal – in that person gave poison to their enemy .

Source of Poisoning

1 – Swallowed – Toilet cleaner , sleeping pills, painkillers medicine .

2 – Injection – Drugs

3 – Inhalation – Fumes , gases .

Sign and Symptoms are

Flushed skin , fever , extreme thirst , Diarrhoea anorexia , anxiety etc .

Management of Poisoning are

Firstly collect the bottle or wrapper of the poison and take over this to medical staff for immediate prepration of antidotes .

Insert two finger into mouth and allowed him to vomiting for Removal of Poisoning .

If poison is like caustic soda or sulphuric acid then do not vomit him

Gastric lavage should be done .

If poison is taken from eye then wash the eye smoothly with water and clean with clean towel .

Relation of water to body

Water is very much essential for body nourishment . Our 75% body are made up of water . Water provide Oxygen to our body . The water we take our body use their Oxygen molecule for completion the body task .

You know the important point ie., If 0.1 % water amount is low in our body then we feel thirsty . If 10% water losses from our body we die .

If a person take so much yawning then he / she body may be have a oxygen deficiency , when he/ she take water then the yawning stop because required oxygen got the brain .

If person have oxygen deficiency occur then person may have headache occur if he / she take a water then that oxygen deficiency is fulfill and headache is stop after some time .

If person may have water deficiency occur in their body then he / she have tear up or rupture skin .Mean we have to take water for moisturizing our skin .

We have to take 7 to 8 glass water per day for our well being life because due to water deficiency in our body oxygen deficiency also occur and the most important point is that if our brain do not got the oxygen completely for 7 min then it going to be damage and our brain cell that damage never get regenerated .

Most important thing is in your and our life is we have to be take care of us then it’s our duty is we have to take required amount of water daily and also save the water regularly because if on the earth water is going to be finished then we never live our life in good way we face lots of problem .