Behavior of a person show person personality and identity. Someone are behave very polite and some are very rude . Behavior is leaned by family , Emotional, Psychology, Environment, or copied of their own ideal person .

Behavior from family ia as like family members behavior as like child behave. Behavior from Environment is as like surrounding people behave person as like behave ,But the Emotional and Psychological is different from that.

In Emotional ,when person emotionally upset than person behave according to their mood and situations. As like When a baby neglected by their parents then their behavior is making very worst . It’s that Emotional fact about which person can’t imagine and thought,but it’s true. At that situation baby is stubborn and don’t listen to anyone thought and do whatever he /she want. This is very critical situation but true and at present world most of baby behavior is change by that circumstances.

Eventually I want to say that behavior polities towards all and learn good things and teach Better thing.

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