Corona Virus Precautions

Corona Virus is today an Epidemic Disease around the world. Today all people are very scarred for that. As we know all precautions is better than cure. Mean when we prevents us from diseased condition than we don’t have to face that worst condition.

There are several precautions which we applied to safe us –

1- Maintain personal hygiene .

2- At every one hour hand Washing procedure should we perform to save us.

3-Do not touch Hand ,nose, ear without hand washing.

4- Always protect himself from Corona Virus by using Mask

5- Always maintain room temperature at least 30°C .

6- Drink Hot water .

7- Do not eat cold food .

8- When any person come from outside that take warm water into a Jug and take a deep breath for inhale of that steam .

9- Any person when sneezing or coughing then cover their mouth with Handkerchief.

10 – Maintain distance from the person who coughing or Sneezing.

11- Use 75 to 80 % alcohol sanitizer for daily hand Washing.

12 – Do not handshake to any person .

13 – Avoid to Crowded areas.

I want to say that donot we panic with that situation . Because it also curable and we have a way to protect us by applying safety precautions.

It is very risky for that person who have weak immunity like Diabetes Mellitus , Over 60 age person .

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