Home Remedies

Home Remedies are best method for the treatment of any problems. Always this is suitable and non harmful and they have no side effects on person health . If it’s used by a person prolonged time they only gain benefits not side effects.

1 – Potatoes Juice

Potatoes are much beneficial for skin a) It is used to remove skin scar and remove dark circle. b) It is also used as skin scrubber for skin . Procedure- Potatoes Juice are applied on the skin and wash it after 10 minute .This procedure is performed 2 times in a day.

2 – Jaggray (Gud)

It’s very much beneficial for our Body. a) It produce heat warm in our Body . b) It increase red blood cell in body . c) It increase our immunity power. d) It is good for Diabetes Mellitus patient because it doesn’t increase the sugar level in our Body. e) It is also effective in weight loss.

3 – Neem

Neem leaves are very much beneficial for us . When we take 2 or 3 leaves per day then we got such benefits- a) It increase our immunity power . b) It protect us from any infection . c) It purifying our blood remove toxic material from our Body. d) It protect us from any nodules and papules .

4- Honey

Honey is an easy available resources in our surrounding . Today we know their benefits are -. a) It produce heat in our Body . b) It remove scare from our Body when it is applied on the affected areas .

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