Diet and precautions during Pregnancy

As a new generation are live in far distance away from their family and when they First time time pregnant they don’t know what to do they at that time.

Pregnancy is a major condition and changes in the life of person . During Pregnancy women need to be care and rest for their baby better growth and development and also good for their own health .

Firstly we focus on the diet pattern of the mother –

a) They have to be take green leafy vegetable . b) They have to take one glass milk . c) They have to take two cup raw peanut ( moongfali ) in a day . d) They have to take one cup Arhar pulses in a day. e) They have to take salad regular. f) They have to take fruits regularly.

Then we focus on the precautions that are mentioned below -. a) Don’t do strenuous exercise. b) Don’t take alcohol at that time . c) Always do small active physical exercise like walking and all your home work . It make you physically active and fit . d) Those women only do rest and don’t do any physically active work they have complications during Pregnancy . e) During pregnancy when bleeding is done then concert with doctor. f ) If excess fluid is coming during pregnancy then concert with the doctor. g) Don’t take medicine without doctor concert.

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