Forestry Day

Today is forestry day it is one of the important day for all of the world. It’s necessary for us to planted one tree on the earth for safe us and together whole Universe . If one people planted one tree than in whole world trillion of plants get planted one day.

I know at that time we face server Pandemic disease Corona then we postpone our tree plantation work at that time when we got relief then we planted tree for our life and earth well – beings.

It’s necessary that we take a step – by – step to protect our country from next either Epidemic or Pandemic . At that time we face this problem but at next moment due to deforestation we have chance’s for severe Natural Disaster .

Forest protect us from so many things as like –

1 – Give Oxygen and take Carbon dioxide which is their primary function.

2 – It protect earth from global warming.

3 – It is useful for control flood.

4 – It also control drought and helpful for rain

5- It’s control weather conditions and maintain climate condition of our environment.

6 – It’s provide wind and protect us from harmful effect of sunlight.

So atleast one hour on that one day we gave time to our Forest which protect us , safe us , and so many things to us .

Happy Forestry Day to all of you in the whole world and please let’s to celebrate it .

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