Diet planning

We all need to be eat daily a well balanced diet which is a nutritious food . As we know that Nutrient are classifieds into two categories

1 – Macronutrient – It is that Nutrient which is required in our body large amount.

a) Protein – It is good for growth and development in our body and also good for repairing of our injured body cell and tissue . For example – Wheat , Pulses , Eggs , Fishes .

b) Carbohydrates – It is good for increase energy in our body . For example – rice .

c)Fat – It is good for energy to our body . For example – Milk , Ghee , other dairy products.

d) Water – It provide Oxygen to our body cell .

2 – Micronutrients – It is that Nutrient which is required in small amount in our body.

a ) Vitamin – It increase our red blood cell production and provide energy to us . For example – Leafy Vegetables and fruits .

b) Minerals – It helps our body growth and development and also to boost our immunity and fitness . It contains calcium and potassium which is good for our growth and development. For example – Milk .

So take all ingredients in our diet for different purpose to boost our immunity and to be fight to the infection. Not to take junk food .

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