Remove Scar from face

For removing scare from face there are several home remedy which is very effective for our natural skin and it’s have no side effects.

Several hone remedies are mention below as –

1 – Honey is very effective for removing any scare from skin and it’s also effective for face glow . In a single two times apply honey on your face and after 10 min wash it .You can use it for several days It’s have no side effects.

2 – Cucumber is used for the skin glow . Cut Cucumber and their juice is to be rub on shin smoothly hand only 5 min . This phenomena is used on the skin for 2 to 3 times a day .

3 – Tomato is also effective for skin for the glow and removing scar cut it and rub 5 min on skin 2 to 3 times a day for effective purposes.

4 – Cut Tomatoes and apply Turmeric on the Tomato and then apply on the skin it have antiseptic effect on the skin it is used for several effects on the skin .

5 – Milk cream ( Malai ) with Turmeric and basan . These 3 material are mixed very smoothly and apply on the skin two times a day then it clear all spots from skin .

6 – Potatoes juice put into freeze and then with the help of cotton apply on the skin for glow of the skin . It is also used as scrub for the skin .

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