Relation of water to body

Water is very much essential for body nourishment . Our 75% body are made up of water . Water provide Oxygen to our body . The water we take our body use their Oxygen molecule for completion the body task .

You know the important point ie., If 0.1 % water amount is low in our body then we feel thirsty . If 10% water losses from our body we die .

If a person take so much yawning then he / she body may be have a oxygen deficiency , when he/ she take water then the yawning stop because required oxygen got the brain .

If person have oxygen deficiency occur then person may have headache occur if he / she take a water then that oxygen deficiency is fulfill and headache is stop after some time .

If person may have water deficiency occur in their body then he / she have tear up or rupture skin .Mean we have to take water for moisturizing our skin .

We have to take 7 to 8 glass water per day for our well being life because due to water deficiency in our body oxygen deficiency also occur and the most important point is that if our brain do not got the oxygen completely for 7 min then it going to be damage and our brain cell that damage never get regenerated .

Most important thing is in your and our life is we have to be take care of us then it’s our duty is we have to take required amount of water daily and also save the water regularly because if on the earth water is going to be finished then we never live our life in good way we face lots of problem .

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