Poisoning is defined as a chemical substance which is harmed the person body organ temporary or permanent .

Route of Poisoning

1 – Ingestion – in that person take harmful agent through mouth .

2 – Injection – A person take harmful substance from injection to the body .

3 – Inhalation – in that person inhales chemical substance from nose . –

Etiology (causes ) are –

1 – Accidental – in that person take poison unintentionally without knowing the effect like – sleeping pills , painkillers etc .

2- Suicidal – in that person take harmful substance intentionally by their own way to cause harm .

3 – Homicidal – in that person gave poison to their enemy .

Source of Poisoning

1 – Swallowed – Toilet cleaner , sleeping pills, painkillers medicine .

2 – Injection – Drugs

3 – Inhalation – Fumes , gases .

Sign and Symptoms are

Flushed skin , fever , extreme thirst , Diarrhoea anorexia , anxiety etc .

Management of Poisoning are

Firstly collect the bottle or wrapper of the poison and take over this to medical staff for immediate prepration of antidotes .

Insert two finger into mouth and allowed him to vomiting for Removal of Poisoning .

If poison is like caustic soda or sulphuric acid then do not vomit him

Gastric lavage should be done .

If poison is taken from eye then wash the eye smoothly with water and clean with clean towel .

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