Protect eyes from digital injury

At present person got relief from any physical injury. Today we all live a well mannered manner due to science . Today we all have a different technology which make so easy for us to do anything .

By all technology when our life standard is make high then as our life is in so dangers. All things is make to be digital by digital our legs got relief but our Eye don’t got relief they are face so much problem .

Harmful rays are emitted from digital substance that effect our Eye and cause injury that called Digital injury to our Eye .And also from environment physical agent harmed. That cause several types of injury are-

Irritation in eye


Watery eye

Feel something pinch in eye

Loss clearance of visualization

For all that we have to be take a precautions for all that we have to be do –

Wash face with open eye 2 to 3 times in a day for a purpose also that is to remove dust parties from our Eye that we got during pollution from environment .

Maintain a particular distance from laptop , mobile , television .

Always take a spectacle during working hour for protecting eye .

Do not use digital media services for prolonged times . Take a break after sometime.

Do not use digital media services during lying position .

Today we all are got relief then on bed lying position and take mobile doing our work and otherwise enjoy through it.

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