Protect Ear from Digital injury

We all are know that today we live in digital word in which all things is going to be beneficial for us . But in all that thing we forget that all coin have two phases as like a good and bad .

Digital life gave us so much benefits as they gave us so much injury to us which either we ignore or we don’t aware about it . It is a injury from Headphone or Earphone . At that time you thought that both are for enjoyment so why any person got harmed by that . As because we all are using it for several hour but without aware of It’s side effect . It’s side effects is that we got several thousand bacteria from that even using 1 hour . That cause so much effect and able to cause disease . So we don’t use it for several hours .

Sound pollution

As we know that today all person for self enjoyment high volume sound are listen but they forget that due to that sound ear are so much disturb for their functions . By that many ear related problem are arise . For that we have to do so many precautions for our safety – we have to listen sounds in low volume .

High volume sound also affects heart . Heart disease patient have so much problem for that they hardly face to that sound pollution . So it’s our duty that we have to do some changes in our daily life we have to be reduced to listen high volume sound of our television , mobile phone , Radio , Buffer etc

It’s mean it not we have to use lots of time Ear phone, Head phone etc ,we have to be reduced it also in our daily life .

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