Automobile smoke harm bodies

Today in our modern society we have to face lots of problem due to only our comfortable life factors . We need so much comfort and also need a high standard life . For show our status we need a lots of precious things in our home like – Jewellery , Home , furniture and vehicles .

Most common and important thing for showing is Vehicle . For one person one vehicle is needed according to their status . But for in all that process we forget that we maintain our economically status but our medical status is going to be very worst .

Due to that automobile there is loss of smoke present in our world . That inhales by different person of different age . That cause severe breathing Problem like – Asthama , Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease , Bronchitis , Emphysema etc .

For all that we need to be use minimum automobile service , as possible for small distance we need to be covered through walk , neither for all short distance we need to be use automobiles service .

We need to cover our mouth during travelling for prevention of inhales of smoke , that prevents us from several types of Respiratory infection .

We need to also be yoga like Kapal bhati that also maintain hygiene condition of our Respiratory system due to deep inhales and exhale process . And prevents us from several Respiratory infection .

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