Today World Health day on 7April

Every WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) celebrate world Health Day on 7 April for the promotion of health in all over the world .

Every year WHO gave a new theme for the promotion of health , and achievement of a energetic health in all over the world . As per norm’s this year WHO gave a theme for World Health day is –


By that thought he wanted to be put attention towards Nursing and Midwives that also there enormous efforts put on patient health. They also do very much Hard work for patient well-being .

They Care patient and also follow doctor instructions for patient well-being and never want to forgive . They always ready with doctor for cared of patient in any Disaster.

As today in that Pandemic drastic situation we see that how medical staff are work in that condition ,when they also have a chance to capture by that disease and they face lots of problem. But they don’t take their step on back side they only move on front side with one step again and again for fight with that disease .

By that disease they show their enormous efforts towards all , towards health . It’s our duty that we support him and motivate him not loose their confidence through bad things .

Today we all are decided to always support the medical staff and always we stand with him .

As we know that Medical staff are the backbone of the hospital .

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