Prevention for Cardiac Disease

Cardiac Disease is one of the major problem in our body. It’s harm us so much and even able to cause death of us . So we need to follow up precautions that help us so much to prevent from that disease .

The main etiology of that disease is that – we do less physical work and take so much high Fat , and cholesterol diet which is very much harmful for us . They travel into our body and deposit on our blood vessels that can cause ischemia( lack of blood supply) . By that our body don’t got sufficient blood supply and our organ is going to stop in proper functioning.

So we have to take a major Precautions is that firstly we don’t take high Fat and cholesterol diet and we need to be physically active in our day to day life . We need to be daily proper morning walk and some Yoga should we perform that keep our body fit and fine and help us to fight that heart related disease .

But a major Precautions for Cardiac Diseased patient is that they don’t need to do strenuous exercise and don’t take a creamy milk in day to day life .

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