Benefits of Cucumber

Today as we know that Cucumber is fruit which we used daily to eat as in pieces or in the form of salad it is very useful for us . In summer season it is a good source for our body water fulfillment and also very effective for our skin . If a person daily take a Cucumber then that prevents from any type of dehydration and it is also good for our digestion in the form of salad as we discussed in our previous blog benefits of salad . Salad is also very much useful for our skin . It rub on skin for 5 minutes on smoothly hand then we found that our skin glow and without any side effect because it is natural . And also useful for dark circle and it is more useful when it use after put into freeze . And most beneficial part of it that we have to rub only small cut of upper part and remain lower part we eat … So that one Cucumber we cut and got benefits for both purpose .

Thankyou for read my blog .

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