Today is world Earth day

As we know that 22 April celebrate as a world Earth day . Our Earth is a planet which gave a life to us . It provides resources to us for our life survive . It have a ability to gave us those things which we can imagine or we can’t imagine . We all live on it and use their resources from food to shelter all provide it . We born and then after death met to him . It really a holy for us .

But we don’t gave anything to it . That is the reason for all dangerous and sudden Natural Disaster. So we all person planted a single tree then trillion of tree are planted across the world and we gave a relax to the Earth .

Hen we face hot climate then we use fan and air-conditioned things but due to all our Earth face hot climate and in case of give him we take from him their air-conditioned things which is tree .

For our protection from sun during hot weather we wear cloth but we depleted the ozone layer which is a cloth of Earth. So don’t forget a thought is that

We are from Earth not Earth from us .

5 thoughts on “Today is world Earth day

  1. You are absolutely right. You have revealed an unpleasant but crucial truth. Human has forgot that he has limited power and wisdom and arrogantly thinks that he can control and rule Nature and Mother Earth while it is always in the reverse.


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