World Malaria Day on 25 April

Today as we know World Malaria Day is celebrate. On any particular day a special day is decided for spread the awareness among all people in all over the world .

For that facts I share a information about Malaria to all of you . Malaria is caused by Female Anopheles mosquito . This vector is a carrier for spread the Malaria among all people .

Mosquito is born on stagnant water and live in dark place and in corner of homes and also that place where a lot of dirt is present , so we first deal to him to end their population for that we need to clean our home’s and always remove all bugs and unwanted grass and to clean all stagnant water .

Then another precautions is that we have to use Mosquito net which is natural and don’t harm us either by any chemical agent or mosquito .

We use coil and different mosquito prevents cream on our skin that can harm us also so much . Coil fog enter to our respiratory system and can cause several Respiratory infection .

We use Mosquito prevention cream that prevents us mosquito but it directly apply on our skin that cause so much harm to us .

So eventually I want to say that stay home and safe sleep on night .

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