Unnecessary medicine harm us

Whenever we take unnecessary medicine then it harm us so much . Sometimes we face a tolerating pain but we want a complete comfort then we take medicine . Sometimes we take a doctor prescription or other whenever we have a little knowledge about medicine then for acute pain we don’t want to be take medical assurance and we take medicine by itself which totally harm us .

We don’t want to be know the reason of our pain we only want to be comfort . Sometimes we face regular acute pain then we take regular medicine without want to be know the reason of that pain . That pain may be a sign of any chronic Disease which is slowly grow up in our body .

Whenever we take medicine and that dose medicine we can tolerate then we take a high dose medicine that can gave us positive result.

By taking regular medicine or high dose medicine we damage our body organ . That medicine have side effect is our Kidney , Liver and our Heart is going to be fail to do daily functioning and we are near about death or we dead .

So take medicine whenever it really necessary and without doctor prescription never take any medicine because it can harm you .

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