We face lots of pimples and skin rashes by own mistake

We face a lots of pimples by own usual habits and our own unknown mistake . In our daily activities we do so many work which is really unhealthy for us . For a daily routine we take a lots of spicy and oily foods which in our stomach can cause gastric problem and also Diarrhoea or Constipation which results we face lots of pimples and skin rashes in our body . We face it usually but we don’t know the reason of it .

And another important fact is that we touch the pimples and skin rashes without hand washing and after that we don’t think about hand Washing and touch another part of our body by that phenomena we spread our pimples and skin rashes into another part of our own body .

It’s necessary that we should eat healthy fresh fruit, vegetable and avoid oily , spicy food and hand Washing before and after touching the pimples and skin rashes.

11 thoughts on “We face lots of pimples and skin rashes by own mistake

  1. hello Anjali, good informations, so useful to everyone, I nominated you also,with the thought that although you don’t write poetic or writer stuff but you must be introduced to everyone, I hope more people see you soon.

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