Maintain Weight

Today we all are health Conscious we do so many things for maintain our health our body . When we saw a figure Conscious person or well maintained person in physique then we think we also have to make our body like that. We don’t have enough maturity about our health either we are crossed so much age .

It’s not only a major problem of girls it’s also a problem of boys they also want to make so much healthy body but they make only outer physical active body initial on inner side they are only a weak .

Many person do weightlifting exercise it’s so much harmful for growth and development. It’s stop the person growth and development so it’s necessary that adolescents are ignore that exercise and in adults only a well healthy person perform that exercise.

We need to be do jogging which is essential for us and it reduces weight of whole body in equal direction. But some person for weight loss perform this exercise in over manner and that causing harmful for that they face a severe pain due to lactic acid formation on their body . Lactic acid form due to so much time anaerobic respiration.

It’s necessary that for us we need a well balanced diet which help to maintain our health and do not intake any things large amount or so much short amount . Because short and long both affect us so much it gave us either deficiency or enlargement of particular things in our body .

We need to perform Yoga that gave us energy to active 24 hour and also maintain our body weight with null amount of side effects.

Don’t let to be over exercise or so much under exercise . We have to be maintained us according to our need not for other .

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