Why Green colour is choose by Nature for Leaves and Doctor for Operation theater

As we know that Our Earth is green planet in which mostly leaves are green colour and Doctor also used the green colour during their Operation theatre . Why all are not choose another colour ? What is the reason behind all that ?

They may be Choose red , blue , black , but what’s a psychological fact with scientific reason let’s we know Why all that are related to each other.

Why we advise that we look nature , we have to spend our time with nature . Why we look nature and forget our whole stress as like that nothing we suffers . It’s all that show that something is special in green colour which hidden from us or we don’t know.

Then I want to explain e reason behind all that. Green colour have lowest wavelength and it’s less harmful for us It’s have a powerful energy that it decrease our Eye stress. So that during operation theatre when doctor on the time operation they look red colour they are stressed their eye feel so much stree because green colour have high wavelength and they can be scattered anywhere and they are dangerous for our Eye . So Doctor use green colour for relaxation of their eye during Operation theatre and complete operation without any problems.

Green colour not only most sensitive to red colour but also in Operation theatre it interpret our brain to understand all things like equipment by relax our Eye .

Ao always remember that when you feel stress or your eye may have severe pain by stress then go to and saw nature beauty and enjoy it . Then you forget all that things and going to be released .

It’s a one solution for free from stress .

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