Amazing facts about Brain

In our Body all things are controlled by our brain which is as we know or not . In our brain two things are present Conscious and Unconscious .Today we talk about it .

In whole day we see so many things some are memories and remains are we forget. The things that we forget are going to our Unconscious part of the brain . The things that we remember are going to our Conscious part of the brain.

DREAM – is actually nothing,it is only that things which we are see on day whole memories contributing to Conscious and Unconscious things some facts are shown. During dream we see only that image which we see anywhere on any day because our mind never make unknown image during the dream ,which is either we remember or not.

THE MOST AMAZING FACT – When someone die then before some minutes our brain show our whole life good or bad memories in 7 minutes to all person .

Our brain control all our Body part function from head to toes . Even it’s have amazing power to recognize the correct and incorrect things for us .

When we thought we don’t have to do that things than if nobody help us but our brain is ready to help us . Our brain produces sign and symptoms related to that factor which support us in front of other to prevent to do that work . But a bad thing is that our brain produces only that range of symptoms that knowledge have to be present them .

According to our thinking process our positive attitude it shows us only positively view for surrounding but on negative view it shows us a negative view for the world.

3 thoughts on “Amazing facts about Brain

  1. But, not the entire brain is effective. Only a little part of it is functional and science know only about that part. The rest part is still to be known. Here comes Yoga, it trains and enhances the dormant part of brain and makes use of it.

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