Brain Facts

It’s my old post which I repost to share all that content to you .

Our brain are biggest mystery in the Universe which is not fully Solved . There many research are done to find out all information related to Mind.

Some interesting facts which are listed below –

1 – Our brain can’t do two things at a time .

2- Males brain are larger than female brain , but this is not States that Intelligence.

3-Our Brain shows a fact and inspiration related to our positive or negative attitude.

4-Our Right side brain control our left side body and out left side brain control our right side body.

5- When our brain does not get Oxygen for 7 sec then it going to be dead .

6-When our brain relaxed then we get sleep.

7- When our brain do not got sufficient Oxygen then it instruct our muscle extend and yawning process done for fulfillment of Oxygen need.

8-Some memories from our mind are get save in unconscious part and that memories are seen during sleeping hours as dream .

9- Our mind is able to provide feeling whatever we thought.

10- Our mind required Sleep because at sleeping hour this convert memory from short term to long term .

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