Sleep is necessary for us

As we all know that sleep is a natural phenomena which is face every individual per day . If anybody want to be that he never sleep than no longer he /she may live . It’s make our health able to grow in rapid way .

Aa we all are know that sleep is favourite of some person . There are various benefits for us for that we have to sleep as like –

We got a complete rest while we sleep and our body is prepare for next work .

During sleep our brain convert short term memory to a long term memory.

Our brain secret various chemical which is beneficial for oxygen delivery to our body .

When we sleep then our brain. Convert all memories to long term then it’s don’t have any burden of work and we feel as fresh for doing any energetic work again .

If you do any work and your brain don’t want to do that pr don’t show any further interest then you may sleep for 1 hour then again you saw that you do that work in very well mannered .

So if we use sleep in a good way then we also got a benefit of it as like we divide our work in small piece of time then again when we feel fatigue take small rest and do again work in well mannered.

25 thoughts on “Sleep is necessary for us

  1. This is true but nowadays this sleep time for everyone has been disturbed,i am one of those and i sometimes suffer from headache after sleeping at 4am and waking up at 10am, is there any solution to it.

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    1. You face headache because firstly your routine got disturb and second most thing you don’t gave rest your body and brain according to their correct time. If you don’t have to do night job then gave your body rest proper at night and take proper water and don’t use so much number of pillows most important you don’t have to take tension on any particular or specific topic . Ok

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      1. True and more over have seen people having perception of mocking people when anyone talks about adequate sleep. Ignoring if you have a bad sleep whole day goes upside down and when you will not have energy than how will you work. Competition is always there only the era changes.

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  2. As I could see from the comments for this post, many including I had the problem for sleep. Sleep is important in the daily concerns of life. I too could find it irregular. You told the importance of sleep. Can you share tips for attaining good sleep wake cycle.

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    1. Yah . You have to be set a regular and strict time table for your daily work but not a lots of burden any day and try to be work within that hour then you may have a sufficient time to sleep 6 to 8 hour and always remember that a ideal time is decided for sleep which you never broken and during going to bed try to forget your all tension should be calm it help you to early sleep and good body and brain strength.

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  3. Rightly said Madam. Sleep is necessary, but many people choose to ignore this despite knowing the harms caused by the lack of sleep.
    Good piece of medical knowhow.. Thank you for sharing.. 🙂

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