Yawning (Jamwahi Ana )

Yawning in hindi known as Jamwahi Ana . It is major problem for somebody not all . All people attain Normal process of yawn but some person may feel it to much which is really embarrassing for him in front of other and when they don’t have asleep at that time .

It’s also due to when we bores to do any particular work so we stop that work and take rest by that our brain fresh up and yawning stop then again we do work as earlier

All people think that it’s only they ignore sleep but it’s totally wrong for some person and they also face abnormal yawning like 14 to 15 times in 1 hour and some have regular 8 to 9 yawning again and again with 1minute interval . We don’t have any correct knowledge regarding that then we also face so much problem on inner side with us Nobody can understand us and don’t believe our explanation.

We face yawning due to oxygen deficiency when our brain got insufficient oxygen in our body then that command our face bone and muscle that they open in wide range and take oxygen throughout mouth and when it fulfill their demand then it close and perform regular function

When we face so much yawning some person suggest that we take water you know why? It’s because water made up two components Oxygen and Hydrogen . So when we take water then it full two thing a fluid deficiency in our body and also oxygen required in our body . You recognize that after intake of water your yawning stop .

And also a major and dangerous thing for us that most important regarding our health is that a major cause of Yawning is that in our blood vessels there is some problems which which don’t supply a proper oxygen to our body for that our brain gave instructions for yawning. It’s a sign of heart related problem so concert Doctor .

If our brain don’t got oxygen for 7 minutes then it get die and we don’t survive so for that when deficiency started it take action immediately for our survival.

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