Disaster is one of our major problem which affect our Earth so much . It’s also affect our day today life . It done major effect on our life . By natural disasters so many life is going to be die . Some are died on tje spot but some are injured most and they have to be increased life span when they got immediately first aid

But today in our World Most people don’t know about correct first aid for correct natural disasters. We have to study for that to Fight with that Disaster

Some Disaster are man – made and some are natural

We have to study various source and share our knowledgeable source to everyone how to fight with these Disaster because Disaster is not for a single person It’s for all village , city , State , country, World .

Our single effort can save thousands of life .

So we have to share our efforts and we have to be help to others .

For example

In thundering we don’t take shade in any milk consisting plants because they have more chances to got thundering upon him . And we don’t need to talk on phone . We don’t switch off or on without any sleeper and on wet hand don’t touch them .

In storm we have to lay down on plain surface of earth don’t need to take shade on plants.

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