Today World International Nurse’s day

Happy Nurses Day to all Nurses in whole world that serve our nation in a Wonderful manner in these drastic situation . Nurses are the backbone of a hospitals and there dedication are also appreciated.

We have to thankful the Lady lamp – Florence Nightingale ji who gave a new direction to our Nursing field . Actually Nurses Day is celebrated on a birthday of Florence Nightingale ji who born 12 May 1820 . She is founder of these scientific nursing . She belong from rich family but due to war on there country she provide care to their Army officer on the night she take a lamp due to darkness and serve their country people at that te this profession is very shameful and nobody want to serve it . Florence Nightingale’s father also told him stop it all . But she doesn’t stop it and decided to that she makes Nursing as a profession after that she marry to anybody. She whole life serve the country as a nurse . She wrote two books which is contains very important aspect for making Nursing as a profession and also include a Scientific method.

By their Our Nursing profession of Medical department is make a Honorable and also a professional Courses and today nobody feel shameful for it . Today people feel glad I ‘m Nurses.

Thankyou so much Lamp lady to gave a wonderful gift to all Department

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