Relationship of Food Shape and Organ

Our body contain so many organ in our body and all organ have different shape and different work . But all are situated in our single body and work in proper coordination . So we today talk about shape of food which is related to body Organ .

As we know a important facts is that when compare any body organ shape to any food material shape and both are same then they work for that particular organ.

I think you don’t understand let me explain as We know the Shape of Nut it looks like our Brain right . It’s helpful for our brain growth and development. It also produces heat in our body for that we also mostly refer it on winter.

As we looks Bean Seed that looks like kidney it is beneficial for our kidney.

When Mushroom cut half then it looks like Ear . It improves the functioning of the ear .

Almonds is also help to increase memory of us by development of our Brain. It’s lining is as like brain lines .

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