Harmful effect of Tattoo

Tattoo are a fashion of today modern generation . We all are know that today modern generation are like to be make tattoo on their bodies without knowing their harmful effect.

Tattoo have different abnormal effects which harm us so much and may be cause death after several days indirectly which we don’t know really.

Tattoo may cause several infection and allergy effect. Tattoo make by insert a ink in our body and it is made by a pin which is may be not changed for everybody. Due to use of a pin in several person can cause a HIV infection , Hepatitis B and C and also a different communicable disease which we don’t know directly . Because it’s harm us indirectly we don’t know how to be infected.

Due to placing a ink in our body directly it’s cause several allergic reactions and infection in our bodies.

Due to Tattoo It break our skin barrier which directly gave a entry point for enter several infection in our bodies.

Tattoo also cause indirectly a skin Cancer because due to placing of dyes it’s cause several changes in our bodies which became a region for Melanoma( a skin Cancer) it’s not seen in our body early . It’s take time 8 to 9 year after Tattoo. It’s not related directly but indirectly due to Tattoo It develop and harm us so much .

So don’t Use Tattoo for your well being of life .

11 thoughts on “Harmful effect of Tattoo

      1. After read your blog then I know the harmful effects of tattoo. I do not know tattoo really harm too much. That’s why increase in the case of cancer or other cases. Thank you so much provide a very important.

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