Benefit of Green Tea

Green Tea is a natural diuretics which is beneficial for us for Removal of body excessive fluid which is retention in our body .

Today we discussed about when and why Green Tea take and when and why don’t take it .

Green Tea have anti- oxidant property and also have it anti – inflammatory , anti- microbial property which is so much beneficial for us . It’s also provide us refreshments to us which is beneficial for us .

Green Tea also good for our skin , and remove excessive fat like belly fat from our body and it also prevents us from type -2 Diabetes , and Cardiovascular related disease problem .

Green Tea should be taken 2 hour before or after meal it’s a good time for intake . It enhanced our nutrition intake .

Whom not take it

Anemia disease patient should not take it . Because it reduces iron absorption in our body . It never take an empty stomach because it may cause Constipation, Diarrhoea , Insomnia(a condition when person don’t sleep ) .

A person don’t intake more than 4- 5 cup of tea because it increases acid production in our body which is harmful for us.

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