Advantage and disadvantages of intake Mango

Today we all are know that this is a Mango season so it time to know about Mango.

Mango Advantage

Mango is fruit which is contain Vitamins C and B6 . It also low in cholesterol and low fiber contain.

It’s so much beneficial for us It’s intake can cause face glow and remove sare .

It’s also so much energetic. Take it half hour before any work down .you may feel energetic.

It’s also very much Beneficial for our Eye and our digestion. It prevents us from Constipation and also reduce our weight.

Best time to intake Mango is when you want to take snacks then in place of junk food you take it .


But so much intake of any things can harm us . If you take in excess amount then it may gain your weights. It also excess intake can lead to Various Cardiac Disease because due to excess intake it contains low density lipoprotein cholesterol agent that got deposit on our blood vessels and can leads to Heart disease.

Two types of cholesterol are – Low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein. Excessive amount low density lipoprotein can accumulated on our Blood vessels and can leads to several disease like Stroke .

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