Happy Environment day to all

Toady a World Environment day on 5 June . As we know that Environment is defined as a group of Climate , soil , Weather and all biotics group . Toady as we know that we live on a dangerous Zone due to our Behavior towards our Environment.

Today I discuss about some important and precious things i.e., Oxygen . As we know that today people cut trees you know a Average High production Single tree provide 10 people oxygen in a year . A normal tree which is leafy and full mature is provide 2 person oxygen. A person daily inhale 550 litre/ day . Our trees are natural ventilator and you know a Ventilator is Rs.930000 and a oxygen cylinder is approx Rs.7000 which is contain 250 litre oxygen. Mean daily Rs.21000 oxygen.

Then you all think you daily pay for 21000 Rupees for your oxygen intake. A single Ventilator is used at a time for two person but a most important condition required for that both person need to be same age , same condition of problem and same speed of inhale. A risk of infection may be when used ventilator.

So you think what’s you want to do . So let’s plant a natural oxygen cylinder and natural Ventilator. So protect your Environment by plant more trees in your Environment because tree required to manage whole environment either climate , weather , soil etc … any other resources.

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