Happy World Food Safety Day

Today a world food safety day . As we all know that we gather all energy from our food which is required for our daily work . It’s very much required that we ensure that we daily intake food is proper hygiene. Because unhygienic food is a reason for too many disease.

We should take fruits after proper wash and also cooked food after proper wash because too many pathogens larva and eggs are present on that which we can’t see our naked eye that are directly enter our Digestive System which became reason for infection like Worm infection in child It’s only transfer due to unhygienic food and also too many disease like Typhoid disease, cholera disease.

A lady cooked food several year but that food is unhygienic and transfer Typhoid to all then that’s lady after that incident known as Typhoid Marry. So it’s very much necessary that we have to take a hygienic food for our good health and also our family.

Always take water which is clean and always put it on a covered container and also food should we put on a covered utensils. If we have a doubt that food smell or that have any insect may be touched then don’t need to take these food .

You can also your food secure under Refrigerator but some people use it on worse manner they put food for 3 to 4 days and after that they intake it’s really harm us . You make food only that sufficient for your family. There is also no need to be cooked too much food because when you put food for prolonged time than in that too much bacteria develop and they cause cholera and Food Poisoning like disease which is really harm us too much really.

So for your family we have to be keep secure our food and also secure us .

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