World Ocean day

Toady is world ocean day . Our Earth 75% part is covered by ocean . There are 4 ocean present in our Earth .

1. Pacific Ocean

2. Indians Ocean

3. Atlantic Ocean

4. Arctic Ocean

These ocean gave us so much things which is Really a important aspect of our life some are hidden from our life .

It’s have various health regarding aspect which is really beneficial for us like –

1. It’s produce heat for us about 70% heat it make and send to equator .

2. It produces over half of the oxygen . It’s doesn’t matter how far we are live from its . Rainforest make 28% oxygen but our Ocean produces 70% of oxygen and it’s absorb over 50% carbon dioxide from our Earth . Actually in Ocean phytoplankton are lived they are microscopic animals which we can’t see but they produce oxygen for us and and also remove carbon dioxide by absorb it .

3. Ocean contain magnesium which have anti – inflammatory effect that is good for our skin and hair.

4. Ocean take our body infection and toxicity and provide us a safe atmosphere.

5. Ocean have various health beneficial Nutrient which is good for our hair . They have anti-Inflammation and anti-microbial property which free us from dandruff and increase a blood circulation in our head scalp .

6. It’s also prevents us from eczema and other skin related property because it’s have salty water which have anti-Inflammation process to reduce all that.

7. A person that swim in a Ocean have increased White blood cell .

8. A person that swim in ocean that prevents from Rheumatic disease and also clean our large intestine.

9. When you start swim in them then when your body touch this cold water your heart rate slow and after that the blood from your toe to your brain complete circulation start .

10. It’s reduce or less your anxiety.

11. Some antiviral medicine like Zovirax are made by the help of sea material.

12. It’s also provide a food to a non Vegas people who eat Fish . Fish is a high protein rich food also used in various medicine and health regarding things .

13.In that various Aquatic animals survive who is also a part of our life and make ocean clean and attractive like Dolphin.

14. It’s also regulate our Climate and weather. Drop of water we got from cloud in the form of rain are comes from our Ocean.

What’s should not done-

Never intake Ocean water because it’s too salty and our kidney don’t purify it’s completely and person may dead. Our kidney make salty urine but it’s salty less then ocean water.

What should done after Ocean swim or bath –

A person should take shower after Ocean water bath or swim because if person late . Think tomorrow then due to Salt overtime on your body may aff

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