Some health regarding Facts about Mountaineering

Mountains is also cover 28% our Earth Surface. Some people also live on Mountain and they survive according to these environment condition. Mountains have cold environment which is also beneficial.


Mountaineering is an adventure sports which is based on climbing and tracking . By Mountaineering you feet your body both physical and mental because in Mountaineering your body whole part from head to toe and finger , backbone, abdomen, chest all parts is involved and do according to their efficiency exercise which is good for our healthy body and when you do Mountaineering you go far from your society outside a place outside from your city which is free of pollution and other crowd so you feel mentally good and also enjoy only nature beauty which is a good way to forget all your stress and tension.

For enjoyment of these benefits World Mountaineering day We celebrate it on 11 December each year .

Mountaineering is also improve your Cardiovascular work which is good for him and also for you . Your blood got fresh oxygen. But a turning point is that a very high mountain oxygen deficiency is occur so a Cardiovascular disease patient do not try Mountaineering because so much workload is bad for him .

Mountaineering is good for your lungs it’s provide too much fresh air which is good for us to prevent us from a highly polluted air .

It’s also increase your stamina and muscle flexibility and strength and endurance.

It’s also good for increase a friendship and social relationship among all participants because they help each other and then emotional attachment is done . So it’s good for Mental health .

It’s increase your blood circulation in across your whole body .

Some precautions are

Do not try Mountaineering is worse weather because it’s risky may be person die .

Before Mountaineering you should we consent a doctor when he grant you permission then you should we go for Mountaineering. Because some times a hidden disease is start in you body and you don’t know about them when you consent doctor then their report clarify you are healthy otherwise you may go into serious health problems.

Always should be take information about weather from weather forecast because it’s also risky for you in harsh weather should travel and Mountaineering.

Always first aid kit and important emergency medicine should be taken together with you for any accident.

2 thoughts on “Some health regarding Facts about Mountaineering

  1. Thank you soo much for this. Once, in one of my trek I faced altitude mountain sickness as well. Although, my huge part of life has been spent over hill stations.
    That’s true that at higher heights people often face the deficiency of oxygen reaching to their brains.
    This post is so informative and glad that you remembered 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I remember your request but I haven’t a enough time to reply you so today I write about that and in all adventure sports health precautions is necessary because they are also risky with full of enjoyment.

      Liked by 2 people

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