Some strategies that enhanced your brain function

We all are today face some difficulties in our day toady life . In that one of that is brain function mean a speed of brain to function like learning capacity and remembering.

So today we talk about that which is so much beneficial for us and that not too costly it’s available in our surrounding.

1. Full sleep

We have to take daily good sleep which enhanced our remembering power for prolonged times because when we sleep our brain convert our short term memory to long term which is very necessary for us . So full sleep is also very much necessary for us in our day to day life .

2. Diet .

In diet you take berries, blackberry , strawberry and also Almonds and Nut these enhanced your brain function too much and berries are effective within 2 week . They show you a piece of result.

3. Exercise

Exercise can increase your brain work and also oxygen demand and due to both your brain function increase day to day and you know a healthy brain is a functionally active mind .

4. Yoga

Yoga also increase your brain function by enhancing your brain work and it’s have no side effects for your brain .

5. Try to learn in loud voice and also write any thing during learning process

These things when you include during your study period it’s also effective for you because our brain capture these things fastly instead of silent reading and learning process and without writing.

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