Anorexia – Loss of appetite

Anorexia is defined as a condition when person loss of appetite mean a desire to take something is going to be loss.

This is look like normal conditions but it’s a step to be appoint a new problem in our body. Many people don’t show attention towards it on the initial stage but it’s a really biggest problem for our today world.

Causes of Anorexia

1. Stress or any type of tension

2. Constipation

3. Diarrhoea

4. Any inflammatory bowel disease

5. Any psychological problem

6. Lack of interest in food

7. Any neurological problem

8. and also mania and depression condition

9. Any dieting person who wants to be prolonged live in fasting period .

Symptoms for Anorexia

1. Nausea and Vomiting during intake of food .

2. Feeling of fullness

3. Lack of interest

4. Delay for intake

Symptoms arise after Anorexia

1. Weight loss

2. Lack of sufficient energy for doing any work

3. Stomachache

4. Malnourished

5. Too many disease arise due to insufficient diet because in our body a complete nutrition, mineral , and energy are not present for our whole body function.

6. Fatigue

7. Delay interest in doing any work .

8. Anemia

9. Our Alimentary canal have a severe acidic attack due to prolonged fasting period we face a Ulcer.

10. Body system function going to be altered


1. Decide a suitable time with your family and friends for meal intake.

2. Take plenty of water.

3. Perform exercise before half an hour of food intake

4. Daily go to walk .

5. Always take salad with your diet for relief of Constipation

6. Take a 7 to 8 hour regular sleep for free from any tension.

7. Try to take food with a fresh mind.

8. Take a Vitamin B1 and Zinc . That are appetite stimulant.

9. Take your favorite food in which you have interest to take it .

10. Plan diet for whole day with different food material intake. so you have developed interest to take it .

11. Never take forcefully food . If you don’t have appetite than take a fruit or any light snacks.

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