Growth and development

Growth is defined as physical maturation in which there is increase in size and shape of organ. In this multiplication of cell occur . It’s measurable phenomena mean a Quantitative and can be measured in kg / pound etc.

Development is defined as a physiological maturation in that myelination of nervous system occur. It’s can’t be measured and it’s a Quantitative.

Some basic facts about Growth and development –

Growth is end upon a definite age mean on 18 year girls growth end and on 20 year boys growth end up . But development never end up on a person .

Growth and development both are interrelated to each other . Mean they work on proper co- ordinance.

Growth and development is high on infant stage (mean a baby from birth to 1 year ) and puberty. But slow on preschool and school stage .

Both stage and sequence are fixed but the time of achievement is different in a all baby .

Growth and development always face some challenge which is genetic and environment.

Growth and development stage name

From 0 to 14 days – Ovum present in female body .

From 14 days mean 2 week to 8 week – Embryo present in female body .

From 8 week to birth – Foetus

From birth to 1 year – infant

From 1 to 3 year – Toddler

From 3 to 6 year – Preschool

From 6 to 10 year in girls- school age. From 6 to 12 year in boys – School age.

From 10 to 12 year in girl- Early adolescents .From 12 to 14 year in boys – early adolescents.

From 12 to 14 year in girls- middle adolescents. From 14 to 16 year in boys – Middle adolescents.

From 14 to 18 year in girls – late adolescents and from 16 to 20 year in boys – late adolescents.

That’s why girls marriage age is decided to 18 year and boys marriage age is 21 year .

Factor affecting growth and development-

1. Heredity is most important factor because a child growth and development depend upon the gene which he or she got from their parents.

2. Sex – Male baby are longer and taller than female baby at the time of birth but in female growth and development is initiated early than male . But at time of maturity male are longer , taller , stronger than female .

3. Nationality is also important because we depend upon our surrounding environment air and atmosphere . We likely to be understand that every country people are different from other country people in anyone specific things either colour , Height , eye etc.

4. Perinatal factors as like mother is faced several problem during pregnancy or delivery as like infection , malnutrition , any specific disease condition.

5.Postnatal factors are like baby face malnourished , premature birth , infection etc.and also important for baby something like – Physical environment , physiological environment , cultural factors, socioeconomic factors , climate .etc

Baby should be live in positive environment for their growth and development because positive attitude is very much necessary for stop all type of negativity towards him .

How to improve their growth and development?

This is a biggest question today in life race and in this competitive World.

1. Baby should take a balanced diet .

2. Proper growth measurements and IQ testing is required at suitable time.

3. Person should take Protein rich diet like Pulses , peanut , Soyabean .

4. Person should take green leafy vegetable with proper wash .

5. Also take a minimum raw fruit which is more than a glass of juice .

6. Always live in positive attitude.

7. Never think about negative things and do not compare oneself or other to anyone. Because all person have some special Qualities.

8. Play is also very important because it increases metabolism and always make your body fit and fine . In sports like bicycle and swimming are also good they open your bone joints and increase your height.

9. Exercise and yoga are also essential for us because they make your body flexible and increase your strength and make you physically active.

10 . Milk is very important for us it contains calcium and other several vitamin and it’s is good for physical and mental development.

11. Try to read books because in that you always learn something in your whole life.

12. Try to take some nuts daily because they can increase your growth and development . Almonds , nuts , etc…


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