Depression is also a major health problems today we need to be take it seriously . But people ignore it . There ignorance is a major reason for their worse health and also for their life.

Depression is defined as a mood affecting disorder which is characterized by sadness of mood , poverty of ideas , psychomotor retardation .

Incidence- Girls have a double chance of depression in compression to boys.

Boys have 8 to 12% chance of depression while girls have 20 to 25% chance of depression. Mean girls have a double chance of depression.

Men face at 18 year and women face at 20 year.


1. Biological cause

a) Neurological cause

In that person epinephrine and sertaline level is decrease and also a dys-regulation of Acetylcholine and GABA.

b) Genetic

In that a first degree relative have a highest chance of depression and a twin’s baby have 70% chance of being depressed when their another twin’s baby face depression.

C) Circadian rhythm

This is responsible for wake – sleep cycle regulations and also for arousal and activity pattern and also hormonal . Alteration of that can cause a high risk of depression.

d) Brain activity

Loss of neuron on part of frontal lobes , cerebellum , bassal ganglia.

2. Psychosocial therapy

a) Psychoanalytic theory

According to Freud in 1957 when someone losses their loved object and goes to oral sadistic phase then they have a chance to face depression.

b) Behavioural theory

According to that when person face a repeated lost in their past then he have a chance to got depression.

C) Cognitive theory

Negative expectations from others , self and environment.

Clinical Manifestation

Depressed mood

Suicidal thought

Patient think , walk and act very slowly.

Significant decrease in appetite

Early morning awakening, at least 2 or more hour from usual time of waking up.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Psychological test – Beck depression inventory.

Dexamethasone suppression test

Based on ICD 10 criteria


Antidepressants medication are provided to the patient.

Try to psychological treatment as like –

Firstly try to talk him about the issue which force him in a depression. After that try to remove them from patient.

Very close observation needed with him for find out that patient think about Suicidal idea or not.

Try to busy him any other creative work for their mood refreshments and also to avoid depression.

Remove all instrument by which patient try to surrounding.

Remove all negativity around him . Try to be decorate their environment with full positive thoughts and ideas.

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