Some interesting health benefits of Honey may surprise you

Honey is very much beneficial for our day to day life . Honey have a Anti- bacterial , Anti- oxidant , Anti-fungal effect which is prevents us from different infection .

Whooping Cough and Diabetics ulcer patient are got relief from Honey .

Honey is effective in lose weight and also a belly fats . It’s melt belly fats which is taken if during night time.

Honey does not contain protein but it’s reduce our LDL cholesterol which is bad for us . It increases the chance of heart disease like atherosclerosis and help to increase HDL cholesterol which is good for us.

Honey also produces Heat in our body .

Honey also reduce blood pressure by dilate our Artery which is also prevents us from Several disease.

For face – Honey have anti-septic , Anti- bacterial and anti-microbial effect kil all bacteria and remove all acne from our face . It’s also make our skin soft mean remove all dead and dry material from our face .

For lips- It’s also soft our lips and prevent us from cracked lips infection.

For hair – It’s also acts as a natural conditioner for our hair which is very much effective for us.

Best time to intake – During night before goes to bed.

Side – effects

It’s does not given to infant mean under 1 year children because it can cause boutlism . Boutlism is a food poisoning .

And other side effects are-




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