Diet related to Hepatitis

Some diet that help us to prevent Liver problem that are remain in my previous post .

General dietary advice:

  • Eat regular, balanced meals.
  • Maintain healthy calorie intake.
  • Eat whole-grain cereals, breads, and grains.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Get adequate protein.
  • Go easy on fatty, salty, and sugary foods.
  • Drink enough fluids.
  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight

Some diet that can cause harm to our liver.

Fat in your liver can also interfere with the effectiveness of drugs that target the hepatitis virus. Avoid the following: Saturated fats found in butter, sour cream, and other high-fat dairy foods, fatty cuts of meat, and fried foods. Sugary treats like cookies, cake, soda, and packaged baked goods.

Some things which is always restricted are –

Alcoholism is always restricted on the liver disease and as we are all know that alcoholism is a main cause of too many disease and alcohol direct effect on the liver . It’s can cause liver failure .

Oily foods are always harmful for our liver . Their digestion work are depend on bile which is secreted by our liver . So if you take this in a large amount then your liver work load is increase and your liver face problem and then it’s have to face too many acute or chronic Disease.

So live happy by take a simple food in your diet and also have to be by physically active.

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