Cheilosis (also called cheilitis) is a painful inflammation and cracking of the corners of the mouth. It sometimes occurs on only one side of the mouth, but usually involves both sides.


Vitamin B or Riboflavin deficiency can cause cheilosis disease. It is not a communicable disease even it’s only occur surrounding your mouth and not any other part of your body .

Another most important and common cause is yeast infection. It’s most common occur by saliva . People touch their lips too many times for smooth it and that’s became a reason for cheilosis .

It’s also occur due to dentures mean when a dentist fit a dentures which is not completely fit according to your mouth and cause irritation while opening and closing of mouth.


Firstly take Vitamin B source which is most important for it . Because it’s a dietary plan which don’t have any side effects.

This chart from Google
This is also from Google source.

After that you have to concert again your Doctor for checking the dentures fit completely or not according to your mouth . If you use dentures then .

Don’t touch unnecessary by your tongue to cheilosis .


For the treatment you concert to your nearest Doctor because he diagnosis clearly what’s type of pathogens attack on it or what’s main reason for face this disease .

9 thoughts on “Cheilosis

  1. आप ज्ञानी हो धरा पर
    राह दिखला रहे यहा
    कैसे बचें बीमारी से
    ज्ञान बाट रहे यहां।।

    नेक कर्मो की श्रेणी आता
    आपका नेक प्रयास ये
    कभी बीमारी ना लगे आपको
    है ख्वाहिश खुदा से।।

    दुख शरीर को जब होता
    आत्मा अंदर से तड़पती
    बहुत सहनशीलता आपमे
    कैसे यह सब देखती।।

    गर्व का भाव रखती होगी
    सदैव अपने मुख पर
    मुस्कुराहट देख ही भाग जाता
    दुख प्रभावी ना वहाँ पर।।

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    1. Thanks a lot for this Kind word and also for this poem . In this Poem every word is full of inspiration and appreciation for all medical staff for doing their work in well manner.


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