Vitamin B 6 benefits , food Source ,and deficiency.

Vitamin B 6 is also known as Pyridoxine and it is a water soluble Vitamin .

Benefit of Vitamin B 6

  • It’s turn food into Energy .
  • Its is good for brain because it’s help him for their development.
  • Its also make a healthy body.
  • Its triggered growth of tissue for first living creatures.

Food Source of Vitamin B 6

  • pork.
  • poultry, such as chicken or turkey.
  • some fish.
  • peanuts.
  • soya beans.
  • wheatgerm.
  • oats.
  • bananas.

Deficiency of Vitamin B 6 cause

  • Skin rashes (Dermatitis )over the face neck .
  • Depression and Confusion
  • Weak immune system response
  • Crack lips ( Cheilosis )
  • Microcytic Anemia
  • Glossitis (Swollen lips )

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