Some facts for Adolescents that necessary for their day to day life.

Actually 17 year old boy /Girls or any teenagers so It’s mainly busy on studies and during their busy schedule he don’t take a adequate diet according to their body requirements. Actually a person take daily  food and he / she think that it’s sufficient but it’s not .

So mostly prefer a Calcium and Vitamin D rich diet for him .

Pulses , Egg ,Meat contain protein that’s also beneficial for him .

Butter , Cheese , all other dairy products are contain sufficient fats that’s good for him .

Fruits and Nuts always given him they also beneficial for him during their study and weight gain.

Banana and milk both are taken together are really work up for all person of any age’s. Cut the banana in pieces into milk and boiled them together and after boiled take it . It’s really work up because It’s contain high Carbohydrates that’s increase weight.

And a one most important thing that we daily ignore and think it’s a time waste – Exercise and Jogging . It’s should be included in daily schedule because when we do study it’s our Mental work but if we prefer Exercise and Jogging it’s our physical work and that increase our appetite and digestion and it’s should be good for us .

Whenever your possessed good digestion then you take a healthy food time to time and it’s alao too good for their weight gain.

Only 15 to 30 min exercise is work for you . You don’t need to do 2 or 3 hour exercise. 15 to 30 min is sufficient and by their exercise their mood and body is also fresh .

If by proper diet and exercise he /she doesn’t gain proper weight then you should concern nearest doctor and they gave you advice and some tablets and powder for milk which really work . But take by concern doctor because they help you according to their physique.

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