Oesophagus is a Food pipe or gullet .

Oesophagus is a hollow muscular organ which is located in our body from C6 to T11 . It is totally 25 cm long and situation between the Trachea and vertebral column .

Oesophagus enter into the diaphragmatic hitus at the 10 thoracic column .

Diaphragm has three opening for pass out the organ –

  • Aortic hiatus
  • Diaphragmatic hiatus
  • Caval hiatus

Layer of Oesophagus –

It consist of four layer –

From Google
  • Adventitia – outer most layer of the oesophagus .
  • Muscularis – muscular layer of the oesophagus .
  • Submucosa – second most layer of the oesophagus.
  • Mucosa – innermost layer of the oesophagus .


There are two sphincters are present –

From Google
  • Upper Oesophagus Sphincters – It’s is present at the top of Oesophagus for the prevention of air entering into the oesophagus.
  • Lower Oesophagus Sphincters – It’s is present at the ending point of Oesophagus and starting point of stomach mean at a place where oesophagus connect with stomach for prevention of back flow of food.

Oesophagus enter into the stomach at an acute angle.

Function of Oesophagus –

It’s main function is the pass the food material , saliva and liquid to the stomach from the mouth.

These materials pass from mouth to stomach through peristalsis movement .

Peristalsis movement – It’s a wave like movement or flow in the GI Tract muscle for the passing of food from one place to other and also breakdown it with passing .


Peristalsis movement – It is a rhythmic movement that allow to pass food material , saliva and other liquid.

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